Leafless Hair Dryer WY601

16th January 2021

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Short Description:

The self-developed powerful brushless three-phase motor integrated in the exterior hollow design of Aolga leafless hair dryer outputs strong wind. Compared with traditional hair dryers which dry hair only at high temperature without wind outputing, AOLGA leafless hair dryer outputs about 11th level of typhoon to dry hair and prevents the hair losing luster and bifurcate occurred by high temperature loss through locking the moisture of the hair and scalp at the same time, which is more effective and useful for people who have hair dyed or permed!
Dry men\'s short hair in 30 seconds, and women\'s hair in 3 minutes.

Advantages introduction

  • O-shaped heating wire and unique heating wire layout which makes it more evenly heated
  • Combined with the special air ventilating duct, heat is distributed evenly, preventing local accumulation of overheating and damaging the hair.

Overheating protection:

Overheating protection device makes the hair dryer automatically power off in the case of overheating, thus giving you safe and carefree user experience.

Anion care:
Anion care(optional) releasing anion of high concentration eliminates static electricity and leave the hair smooth and healthier.

Intelligent constant temperature:
Intelligent temperature control technology helps the heat evenly distributed on the surface of the scalp to prevent the local hair too dry from losing moisture due to heat accumulation, resulting in damage to the hair. In addition, convection of the air during the heating process will heat circularly and bring comfortable wind feeling.

Powerful brushless motor:
Self-developed three-phase brushless motor, high power 1500W and long service life, can generate up to high-speed and stable airflow at 30M/s with stronger natural wind from the bottom of the handle. Fast drying with low air volume loss and taking less time.



Leafless High-speed Hair Dryer




Metallic gray and Red


Metallic paint


Brushless three-phase motor, High rotating speed at 110,000, Three temperature options: 75C°/ 67C°/57C°, Three airflow speed: 56km/h, 47km/h, 42km/h, Constant temperature hair care, Overheating protection, Ten million anions, Wind noise: 80-82db, Power: 1500W

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Category: Room Accessories
Sub-Category: Hairdryers
Tags: hotel room accessories,hotel room hairdryer

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