ISEO Rim single panic latch

IDEA BASE – Push bar device
The Idea Base rim panic device with push-bar is certified according to the EN1125 standard.
It is particularly suitable for wooden, pvc and metal doors (even with slimmer profiles) and glass doors. It is the perfect way to make panic exits compliant:
in addition to being certified under the EN1125 European standard, it has a CE marking.
The panic function is further enhanced by the AntiGerm antibacterial protection, a special treatment releasing silver ions for the entire life of the product:
it requires no maintenance and makes this device perfect for being fitted in buildings in which hygiene and health protection are important and essential.
Technical features:

Certified according to European standard EN1125 and CE marking
Reversible and completely modular
Available in various finishes: black, metal grey, white, Endur4nce (metal-like finish)
AntiGerm antibacterial treatment
Available in stainless steel PVD version with stainless steel internal mechanism
The same aesthetic features as the Push device range for consistency in appearance if fitted in the same place