ISEO Rim single panic latch

IDEA BASE – Push bar device
The Idea Base rim panic device with push-bar is certified according to the EN1125 standard.
It is particularly suitable for wooden, pvc and metal doors (even with slimmer profiles) and glass doors. It is the perfect way to make panic exits compliant:
in addition to being certified under the EN1125 European standard, it has a CE marking.
The panic function is further enhanced by the AntiGerm antibacterial protection, a special treatment releasing silver ions for the entire life of the product:
it requires no maintenance and makes this device perfect for being fitted in buildings in which hygiene and health protection are important and essential.
Technical features:

Certified according to European standard EN1125 and CE marking
Reversible and completely modular
Available in various finishes: black, metal grey, white, Endur4nce (metal-like finish)
AntiGerm antibacterial treatment
Available in stainless steel PVD version with stainless steel internal mechanism
The same aesthetic features as the Push device range for consistency in appearance if fitted in the same place

Electronic Lock for Hotel OS SLIM CODE

Electronic lock with bluetooth and MiFare proximity

The OS SLIM CODE electronic lock stands out for its slim design with narrow escutcheons that give the door and the room a plus of style and elegance.

Its high technological level combined with the opening via Bluetooth, MiFare proximity card, numerical code and remotely online, through Gateway, make OS SLIM CODE one of the most versatile models in the hotel sector.


Slim profile escutcheon, with narrow and straight lines for a minimalist aesthetic.


inox, black edition, White, gold, anti-bacterial


for guest openings, setting up, management and maintenance of the lock.


remote opening and management by including Gateways in the installation.


electronic lock that adapts to existing mortise locks, even in narrow profile aluminium doors.


openings, opening attempts, exits, etc. Audit synchronized with the front desk PC.


installing in a room the EVO lock, the EXO safe and the Gateway allows remote management and control of both devices.
Compatible with the GUEST-PRESENCE security function of the EXO hotel safe.


  • Electronic lock opening via Bluetooth and MiFare proximity.
  • Option to open and manage online by installing Gateways.
  • Escutcheon with adaptable handle, for doors of left or right opening.
  • PVD (Phase Vapour Deposition) lacquered colors, with greater resistance to abrasion and corrosion.
  • Guaranteed operation in the most adverse climatological environments. Stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 manufactured.
  • Electromechanical privacy function with exterior visual indicator to prevent entries of unauthorized persons.
  • Hidden mechanical cylinder, for auditable emergency openings, and micro USB type C connector for power in case of depleted batteries. Both hidden and protected with a rubber cap.
  • Visual and acoustic indicators to facilitate their use by disabled persons, as well as for additional functionalities such as low battery warnings to personnel, privacy indicator, etc..
  • Single app for administrator, hotel staff and guests. UpKey allows different functionalities according to the registered user profile.
  • The guest is automatically logged into the app via a link created by the hotel, which the guest receives in an email.
  • Customised app option and integration with third parties.
  • Operates with 4 standard AA batteries.