RFID Hotel Locks

30th September 2022

RFID Hotel Lock

Here at Hotel Lock & Safe, RFID hotel locks are one of our top sellers. Our range is provided by both Omnitec and ISEO. There are many questions surrounding these smart locks which I’ve covered below.

What is RFID?

An RFID Hotel Lock is a smarter and more secure way of controlling access to your hotel or tourist accommodation. It uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for guests now expectant of self-service solutions, especially post-pandemic.

How can I access an RFID hotel lock?

Access using RFID varies using from a keycard or via an app on the guest’s smartphone. This contains an electronic tag which on activation communicates with the antenna coil inside the lock, prompting a tiny electric current. Scanning a sensor is much more straightforward than a key which is fiddly and sometimes troublesome, especially when light (and guest co-ordination) is limited.

What about security?

After the guest checks out, the card can be reprogrammed or deactivated for the next user. Permission can also be cancelled if the card is lost. Likewise access from a SmartPhone can also be deactivated when the guest checks out.

RFID hotel locks also include an audit trail where access to and from the property is recorded as well as attempted entries.

What happens if there is a power outage?

If backup power to the property does not exist, locks can also run on battery. If all else fails there is a mechanical key override.

For access with Smartphone, you will need to ensure that you have sufficient battery power and internet coverage.

Can my smartphone / credit card wipe my keycard?

This question is normally the first thing a hotel lobby asks when theres an issue. The answer is not necessarily. There are a number of posts online testing this theory with varying results. The best reads are Campus Id news https://www.campusidnews.com/mythbusters-can-a-mobile-phone-erase-a-hotel-key-card/ and Microwaves 101, who also test key cards in the microwave. NB: They do this so you don’t have to.

So in conclusion, a Smart RFID lock is a good solution and has the potential to improve your guest’s experience and improves the efficiency of hotel operations, eg for housekeeping.

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