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ISEO Electronic Automatic Multipoint

MULTIBLINDO EMOTION - Automatic electromechanical lock The Multiblindo eMotion electromechanical automatic multipoint lock is the perfect combination of security and comfort. When the door is closed, it locks automatically, ensuring peace of mind and safety, while the electromechanical opening provides access control and remote opening. Three locking options are easily set up at any time: total and automatic locking of the door, just by closing it, for completely safe entry; partial locking, just with a latchbolt, advised when the door is being opened very frequently; no locking, with the door unlocked at all times. From the outside, it can be enabled using a key or by more modern electronic access-control systems (fingerscan, keypad, etc.) The stainless or nickel-plated steel finish of the lock\\\'s visible parts also make Multiblindo eMotion suitable for modern environments. Technical features: Electromechanical automatic multipoint lock Anti-intrusion, anti-cut, anti-drill resistant deadbolts 3 locking options: total locking with deadbolts and latchbolt, partial locking with latchbolt only, hold-open function From the outside, it is operated with a key and combined with access-control systems (fingerscan, keypad, transponder, etc.), from the inside it is operated using a keypad, handle and key Sound feedback when opening and closing Adjustable courtesy timing Maximum security grade certified: grade 7 of European standard prEN15685 and class C of the German institute of VDS certification.
Electronic Locks
Electronic Multipoint Locks
Bluetooth, Key Override, RFID

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