Electronic Lock for Holiday Homes Rental

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Bluetooth & Code Opening

The FLAT 2 electronic lock is designed especially for rental holiday homes with a high turnover of guests.

Its remote management system means the owner and guest do not need to meet to hand over traditional mechanical keys. Once the reservation is confirmed, the holiday home owner sends an electronic key to the guest with validity as contracted on the reservation.

Security and comfort in your holiday rental home
The FLAT 2 electronic lock for holiday homes allows the guest to open the apartment door with their smartphone using the Omnitec Rent & Pass app or with a pin code.

The owner keeps absolute control over the electronic keys at all times via the codes sent to each guest, and can send new electronic keys, modify existing ones or cancel them at any time from their administrator app.

Once the electronic keys have expired or are deleted, the guest cannot access the accommodation until receiving another valid key.

Guests not only benefit from the comfort of the reliable, technologically advanced Rent & Pass system, but also increase their perception of enjoyment during the holiday period in the rental home.

The FLAT 2 electronic lock works in autonomous mode, powered by alkaline batteries, with online management of the different types of permits for the guest: permanent, temporary, cyclic, daily, by time slot or one-time access.


  • Opening via Bluetooth, Code and On-Line
  • Supports Android 4.3/iOS 7.0 or higher
  • Dimensions: 65 mm wide x 150 mm high
  • Admissible door thickness: 38-52 mm