Ironmongery Supplies Collection: Coming Soon

24th June 2022

Concealed door hinges

As well as the obvious, Hotel Lock & Safe are also ironmongery suppliers.  These are vital for any business in hospitality, education or healthcare.

We provide a full range of architectural ironmongery that includes:

Panic bars:  It is a legal requirement for every commercial building to provide both an escape route and a final exit door, in the event of a fire.  The panic bar consists of a spring loaded meal bar that unlatches the door enabling a quick exit.  these are normally fitted horizontally across the final escape door.

Door handles – Chances are you have touched a door handle already today.  These are vital for general operation of any door in use.  The models can vary from basic use to security, opened by a key or a keycard.

Hinges – an essential part of door operation but often overlooked.  There are many hinges available from ballbearing hinges, ideal for reducing fiction for heavy doors to spring loaded ideal for everyday use.

The full collection will be online soon.  In the meantime you can contact us directly for further details of our ironmongery collection or request a quote.

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