Intumescent Strips for Door Frames

27th June 2022

Fire doors great, Intumescent Strips better

It’s no big secret that anyone who has paying guests need to be compliant with the rules on fire safety.

The official guide written by the Home Office, in conjunction with The Chief Fire Officer’s Association quote that although it doesn’t name specific measures per se, you must adequately “manage the overall risk of a fire”. Whether you rent a room on Air BnB or have a fullbown hotel.

A good practice for this is to install a quality fire door installed with Fire Rated Ironmongery and associated fittings. All doors naturally have a gap between the door and its outer frame. In the case of a fire, the extreme heat of fire and smoke can still get through.

The solution for this is to fit intumescent strips in the gap of each door frame. Then if a fire should occur, the seals expand and seal off the vulnerability of any gaps, protecting you, your customers, their property and even your business.

Hotel Lock and Safe provide a range of Intumescent strips, seals, mastics, foams and architectural ironmongery to keep you protected and compliant with the rules. Contact us today for a quote/demo.

Read and download the guide “Do you have paying guests?” here

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