Bluetooth Key Safe

3rd October 2022

Bluetooth Key Safe keybox

If you have ever stayed in a holiday let or an Airbnb, then no doubt you have had to access your key from a keysafe ourside the property. A bluetooth key safe is probably the best tool in your arsenal for holiday accommodation. In fact, keysafes are so popular, that they are beginning to be used by domestic households as well.

The main benefits they provide are:

  • Simplified manangement Your guests aren’t the only ones needing access. Maintenance workers and cleaners can also access the property easily and quickly.
  • Improvement of Guest experience Not all guests arrive during office hours and certainly do not want the extra hassle of going somewhere else to collect their keys. A simple code or key and they can check in themselves.

Hotel Lock & Safe supply the Omnitec Bluetooth Electronic Key Box KeySafe specifically for tourist accommodation and small hotels without 24 hour accommodation.

This keysafe is made from a sturdy anti-impact case with illuminated numbers. very handy in poor lighting or after dark. It is also IP66 certified. This means that it has been tested to current standards and hold up in rain or wet weather.

Whats more, this keysafe is accessible using Bluetooth.

Is Bluetooth safe?

Yes. Using Omnitec’s software and accompanying app, you control who obtains an electronic key to access the keysafe. Most people have a smartphone and this can be used with the ekey to access the safe and the property key or card.

Once that code has expired, the guest/worker cannot open the keybox until another valid key is issued.

So what are the security benefits?

  • Adaptable electronic key/code: These can be set as permanent, temporary, cyclical, time slot or single opening.
  • Opening alerts configurable by the administrator.
  • Anti-spy code, supports up to 10 previous and 10 subsequent digits.
  • Opening, cancellation of credentials and remote audit by connection via Gateway.
  • Robust, anti-impact case.

Other security tips

As with anything security related in and around a property, it can also be vulnerable if it falls into the wrong hands. here are a few tips to reduce the risk of your keysafe being open to abuse.

  • Opt for a keysafe with a robust cover
  • Ensure it is properly installed. Enlist the help of a professional approves tradesman.
  • Hide the safe out of plain view. Ideally away from the door and not at eye level.
  • Choose a pin code greater than 4 digits. Longer codes with thousands of possibilities are harder to guess.
  • Keep batteries charged and change them regularly
  • Master the software and app before issuing any official keys. Ensure you know how to create, modify and delete any keys with ease.

For further guidance on the Omnitec Electronic Bluetooth KeySafe, please contact us

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