ISEO X1R Smart Lock

X1R SMART – Lock for armoured doors compatible with Argo App
The x1R Smart motorized lock for armoured doors is one of the products of ISEO Zero1 product range that can be easily programmed and controlled using Argo, a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android that allows for door access permissions to be added, deleted and modified. It can be opened with smartphone, Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4, ISEO cards, pre-existing RFID cards (contactless credit cards, public transport tickets, access control cards, etc.), PIN codes and fingerprint readers. The x1R Smart is a motorized lock designed specifically for armoured doors: its opening and closing functions are controlled by a motor, and the bolt can be operated mechanically using a traditional key in the event of a power outage.
This product is interchangeable with most common mechanical locks: it has the same accessories, and the simple electrical connections make the installation extremely easy. What is more, all the models are reversible, with different bolt protrusions and centre distances. On the Single Action version, the interior handle also retracts the bolts, in a single fluid motion: in this manner, the user can always open the door quickly and easily from the inside by simply pressing on the handle, even if the bolts are extended (the door is locked with maximum security conditions).