Hotel Mini bars: A Guide to the Range

Thermoabsorption Minibar for Hotel Noble
The Thermoabsorption Minibar for Hotel Noble

Love them or hate them, hotel mini bars are a luxury addition to any hotel room. Their popularity has dwindled since their first debut in Hong Kong in 1974, but with a bit of creative thinking, they will never completely disappear.

Hotel Lock & Safe offer a range of mini bars ideal for the hotel and hospitality sector. These vary by the cooling technology they use.

Absorption Minibars

Absorption is a common solution for most hotels. It uses a fully silent, efficient and low power consumpton system.

Absorption mini bars use a heat source to provide the energy needed to drive the cooling process. This uses 2 coolants: The first coolant performs evaporative cooling which is then absorbed into the second coolant.

Used a lot in camping and caravanning, an absorption fridge can be produced without any moving parts except for the coolants.

Thermoabsorption Mini Bars

A more recent introduction to the hotel minibar world, Thermoabsorption incorporates a mix of Peltier/Absorption based technology. By absorbing the heat from the Peltier diffuser, the refrigerant liquid evaporates and, as it circulates through the condenser, returns to its liquid state, dissipating the heat. The liquid refrigerant then returns to the diffuser by gravity.

A Thermoabsorption Mini Bar runs more efficiently than an absorption minibar, resulting in lower energy costs and savings for hotels. And that is not the only benefit:

  • 100% silent
  • No moving parts (eg fans)
  • CFC free
  • An a+ efficiency level

Compressor Minibars

The first thing that springs to mind with compressors involves noise, right? Wrong.

The noise level of a compressor minibar is imperceptible at a distance of more than 1 metre away. Its ideal for hotels that need high cooling power and comes with an a++ efficiency rating.

Whats more, the real time clock option can allow the minibar to automatically switch off during guest resting hours, cutting out noise and saving on energy consumption.

For guidance of the best mini bar solution for your hotel, get in touch with Hotel Lock & Safe.

Intumescent Strips for Door Frames

Fire doors great, Intumescent Strips better

It’s no big secret that anyone who has paying guests need to be compliant with the rules on fire safety.

The official guide written by the Home Office, in conjunction with The Chief Fire Officer’s Association quote that although it doesn’t name specific measures per se, you must adequately “manage the overall risk of a fire”. Whether you rent a room on Air BnB or have a fullbown hotel.

A good practice for this is to install a quality fire door installed with Fire Rated Ironmongery and associated fittings. All doors naturally have a gap between the door and its outer frame. In the case of a fire, the extreme heat of fire and smoke can still get through.

The solution for this is to fit intumescent strips in the gap of each door frame. Then if a fire should occur, the seals expand and seal off the vulnerability of any gaps, protecting you, your customers, their property and even your business.

Hotel Lock and Safe provide a range of Intumescent strips, seals, mastics, foams and architectural ironmongery to keep you protected and compliant with the rules. Contact us today for a quote/demo.

Read and download the guide “Do you have paying guests?” here

Ironmongery Supplies Collection: Coming Soon

Concealed door hinges

As well as the obvious, Hotel Lock & Safe are also ironmongery suppliers.  These are vital for any business in hospitality, education or healthcare.

We provide a full range of architectural ironmongery that includes:

Panic bars:  It is a legal requirement for every commercial building to provide both an escape route and a final exit door, in the event of a fire.  The panic bar consists of a spring loaded meal bar that unlatches the door enabling a quick exit.  these are normally fitted horizontally across the final escape door.

Door handles – Chances are you have touched a door handle already today.  These are vital for general operation of any door in use.  The models can vary from basic use to security, opened by a key or a keycard.

Hinges – an essential part of door operation but often overlooked.  There are many hinges available from ballbearing hinges, ideal for reducing fiction for heavy doors to spring loaded ideal for everyday use.

The full collection will be online soon.  In the meantime you can contact us directly for further details of our ironmongery collection or request a quote.